Our Story

A Tale of Two Friends

sometimes Crazy (or great) ideas do work out

Rob and Lan – co-founders of Von Slick’s – had never met before becoming colleagues 4 years ago. Through that, a friendship grew.. as well as a belief that their new concept – premium ingredients infused into real butter with really cool push-tube packaging – could actually make some noise in the retail world! 

From there they got to work figuring out the foreign landscape of consumer packaged goods that neither had experience in. After many many.. many long days and nights preparing and researching, Von Slick’s started to take shape.

Since April of 2021, they’ve been able to land their product in over 80 freezers around Manitoba, with more to come! 

Despite very different backgrounds, both get along really well. Rob, an old-soul who enjoys touring in his 1970’s Norton motorcycle or his restored classic Ford Bronco.

Landon is a bit of a sun chaser and enjoys tennis, days at the beach and hanging out with friends. Either way, the partnership works!!

Cheers everyone who read through this story, we look forward to being a part of your culinary experience with this unique product!


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In the News

real food & real butter = great flavour

When you take top quality ingredients and infuse it into small batch, classic churned butter, you come out with something that can change practically any meal you prepare.

Whether that meal is for your guests, family or just for yourself!

it's all in the tube

Other than great flavour, we knew the experience of using Von Slick’s had to be fun as well as efficient. The eco-friendly push-tube ended up being the perfect fit. Offering at-home cooks the ability to preserve the appearance of classic compound butter while allowing to only use-what-you-need and put the rest back into the freezer.

This gives you the best of both worlds; great flavour as well as extended life of the product by offering it frozen!

a flavour for any dish

With six unique flavours of Von Slick’s; doesn’t matter what dish you are planning to prepare, there’s a taste for that!

Savoury flavours that go great with any meat, veggies, pasta, seafood.. or something as simple as a fresh baguette. Von Slick’s brings bold flavour that will blow your guests away with a silky smooth finish.

Sweet flavours that go fantastic on popcorn pancakes, waffles, or french toasts. Take it from their and try them on chicken, ribs, sausage or even perogies!

amazing presentation

Not only does Von Slick’s taste great, it also presents beautifully to your family and/or guests!

Healthy portions of real food infused into that irreplaceable taste of butter will give your dishes an iconic finish that will make your guests wonder how you did that!

Here for a good time, and a long time

We’re just getting out of the gates, with intentions of continued, sustainable growth throughout this great country of ours. 

We currently have retailers in Northwest Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia!

Click here for a complete list of retailers!

The Man Behind the Flavour

Rob Sengotta

My 25 year culinary career has been an experience filled with adventure and growth. From world travel to building amazing relationships and pushing myself out of my comfort zone to continue to master my craft.

I’ve had the privilege of cooking on private yachts, fine dining trains, even at a Helicopter ski resort.  Working with some of the best chefs in Europe and Canada along the way.

From Michelin star restaurants in England and France, to spending time as a private chef in Whistler and Vancouver and finally owning my own fine dining restaurant for 10 years in British Columbia’s beautiful Shuswap region.

Using compound butters in fine dining is a common occurrence to bring bold flavour to your dish, as well as create dish consistency. Yet it can be difficult to find the product on the retail level.


From a home cook to professional chef, Von Slick’s has the ability to deliver a new level of restaurant quality flavour to any of your home-cooked meals.

Design it, Market it, Sell it

Landon Kroeker

The best product concept in the world won’t get off the ground without the proper buzz behind it. Landon’s background in marketing, graphic design, web development and promotions helps Von Slick’s stay top of mind with consumers.

Landon graduated from SAIT in Calgary with a diploma in Business Administration with a major in Marketing. Since leaving he has worked in broadcast sales, coached Jr A hockey as well as handled the team’s business operations plus he has worked managing numerous restaurants in Manitoba.

Duties handled by Landon in the venture include sales, orders, accounts receivable, packaging design, promotion design among other things.


Together, Rob and Landon’s skillsets compliment each other. Both have a positive outlook on life with a strong work ethic to make sure Von Slick’s has every opportunity to succeed!